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  • Remembering a major event – and training for a repeat!

    Today, I realized that it is the 10 year anniversary of my riding up one of the most famous mountains in the world, Alpe d’Huez! I rode a major mountain here in California earlier in the year, Mt. Figueroa about 1/2 hour north of Santa Barbara. It is the same mountain climb that many professional...

  • Tour de France begins

    The  “Super Bowl” of cycling, the Tour de France, has begun. It’s a joy to see how the cycling teams work together. While there is serious competition amongst the teams, there is still civility and respect for one another. Lawyers would do well to see this as an example for their own conduct. The Belgium...

  • Lessons from the Tour de France

    As an avid cyclist, I’ve been watching the Tour de France with great enthusiasm and hope for all the Americans in this year’s race. Of course, I want Armstrong to win an unprecedented 7th consecutive Tour. But, Terri Lonier, took her enthusiasm one step further … to glean certain lessons that can be applied to...

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