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  • Lyon, France: Who’s in Charge of INTERPOL?(Part 1 of 3)

    Once individuals learn of their status as a Red Notice subject, one of the most daunting things about INTERPOL’s removal process is the size of INTERPOL’s systems as well as their unfamiliarity. It can be helpful for a Red Notice subject seeking removal to understand who is in charge of the various divisions of INTERPOL...

  • Why we fought.

    Some numbers to consider on June 6, 2024, the 80th anniversary of D-Day: 75 million: the number of people who died during WWII. 420,000: the number of American casualties during WWII. 5,000: the number of American soldiers wounded on D-Day. 2,501: the number of American soldiers who died on D-Day. 151: the number of days...

  • French Supreme Court Extends Transfer of Criminal Liability During Merger by Absorption to All Company Types

    The criminal liability of the absorbed company is transferred to the absorbing company, regardless of the corporate form of the company involved in the merger by absorption. In a ruling handed down on May 22, 2024, 1 the Criminal Division of the French Supreme continued the jurisprudential work it had begun in 2020 and extended the transfer of criminal liability from the absorbed company to the absorbing company to all corporate forms, beyond the French sociétés anonymes initially concerned.

  • Virtual and Digital Health Digest, May 2024

    This digest covers key virtual and digital health regulatory and public policy developments during April and early May 2024. You will note that France has set out new pricing rates for innovative digital therapeutic medical devices under the accelerated market access pathway, known as PECAN. While the pathway was set out in February 2023, the...

  • Is the Asylum System Better in France?

    This post is by Hélène Bonvalot, former Director General at Centre Primo Levi in Paris, France and a Fulbright Fellow […]

  • France Publishes Updated Certification Standard for the Hosting of Health Data

    The French Public Health Code requires that certain service providers hosting health data hold a specific “HDS” certification.  In order to obtain this certification, providers must comply with the requirements set out in the “HDS” certification standard.  On May 16, 2024, France officially published an updated version of this “HDS” certification standard. The updated standard...

  • Les demandes de brutage fiscal en matière d’arbitrage international d’investissement (Tax Gross-Up Claims in International Arbitration Procedures)

    La présentation de demandes de brutage fiscal – ou « tax gross-up » – des indemnités pouvant être réclamées lors d’une procédure d’arbitrage par les parties lésées est essentielle. L’objectif de telles demandes consiste en la prise en considération de l’impact fiscal dans le calcul opéré par les arbitres des indemnités compensatrices des préjudices. L’analyse des décisions d’arbitrage révèle le plus souvent une mauvaise appréciation de cette problématique, que cela soit de la part des parties ou des juges. Plusieurs remèdes peuvent être envisagés. The submission of tax gross-up requests for indemnities that can be claimed during arbitration proceedings by the injured parties is critical. The objective of such requests is to include the tax consequences in the calculation made by the arbitrators of the compensation for damages. The analysis of arbitration decisions most often reveals a poor appreciation of this issue, whether on the part of the parties or the judges. Several remedies can be considered. Originally published in Revue de l’arbitrage Vol. 2024, No. 1. - 2024.

  • French controls assess E. coli and Listeria in food

    Two articles have been published giving an insight into official controls in France on Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) and Listeria contamination in food. In the first report, monitoring plans aimed to establish the contamination rates of ground (minced) beef and raw milk cheeses by the STEC strains identified as the most risky in France....

  • Buckwheat flour recalled after link to dozens of illnesses in France

    A brand of flour has been recalled in France after dozens of people fell sick. French officials said there was a risk of JP Coteau brand buckwheat flour being contaminated with Datura. Additional cases recorded by the Brittany Regional Health Agency (ARS) and checks by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations in Ille-et-Vilaine,...

  • Lyon France: INTERPOL’s CCF- Next steps for INTERPOL (part 3 of 3)

    The previous posts in this series addressed the need for the CCF to schedule sessions proportionally to the number of requests for relief it receives each year. RNLJ advocates that it is not feasible to continue scheduling 3-4 sessions every year if the number of requests the CCF receives continues to increase. Recalling the statistics...

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