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  • Scientists study E. coli risk factors in France

    Researchers have found a significant increasing trend for sporadic E. coli O26 and E. coli O80 HUS cases during a decade in France but a notable decrease for E. coli O157. E. coli–associated hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is a substantial public health risk in France, according to scientists. HUS is a severe complication associated with...

  • Sardines confirmed as botulism source as patient count grows

    The number of people sick in a botulism outbreak due to contaminated sardines has grown to 15. Patients include Americans, Canadians, and people from England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Spain. At least ten have been hospitalized, and eight have been admitted to intensive care units. One person has died. Locally produced and preserved sardines...

  • Ten sick in French botulism outbreak, including one American

    Ten probable cases of foodborne botulism have been reported in France, according to regional health authorities. An American is believed to be among those affected and one person has died. The Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Health Authority (ARS) reported that six people are being treated at Bordeaux University Hospital for various neurological or digestive symptoms. They...

  • France’s Conseil D’Etat Upholds Ban on Wearing Abayas in Schools

    On Thursday, France’s Council of State upheld the government’s ban Muslim girls wearing the abaya at school.   France 24 explains: President Emmanuel Macron’s government announced last month it was banning the abaya in schools, saying it broke the rules on secularism in education that have already seen Muslim headscarves banned on the grounds that they...

  • France Reintroduces Bid to Ban Meat Names for Plant-Based Food
  • “Students always find their place here” said Assistant Dean Clémence Kucera

    Clémence Kucera, LLM ’05, is originally from France. She decided to pursue an LLM degree at McGeorge School of Law because the program was recommended to her by a personal connection. As soon as she visited the campus, she knew right away that McGeorge was a good fit for her. Kucera recommends the LLM program...

  • Plant toxin in undercooked kidney beans behind French outbreak

    Undercooked kidney beans were behind a large outbreak in France caused by plant toxins, according to a study. Researchers said the work, published in the journal Toxins, highlights the need to develop methods for routine testing of plant toxins in food. They added that better knowledge of the epidemiology of such events will also help...

  • EU raises public health concerns over bivalve mollusk controls.

    Controls in EU countries on bivalve mollusks are not always adequate to protect consumer health, according to the European Commission. Bivalve mollusks include mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops. France, Spain, Italy, and Greece make up more than 80 percent of the production in Europe, mostly from aquaculture. They feed by filtering algae from surrounding water...

  • Asylee Walks 300 Miles in Support of Kurdish Rights

    One hundred years ago, in the aftermath of World War I, Britain, France, Turkey, and other nations signed the Treaty […]

  • Raw milk cheese suspected in French Campylobacter outbreak

    An outbreak of a rare type of Campylobacter in France was caused by unpasteurized, raw milk cheese, according to a study. In June 2021, seven Campylobacter fetus infections occurred in a rehabilitation center in southwest France. All patients were female, and the median age was 79 with a range of 70 to 90 years old....

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