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  • Littler Global Guide - France - Q3 2019

    A decree, dated July 26, 2019, has set a principle of modulation of employers’ contribution to the mandatory unemployment scheme (between 3 and 5.05%) depending on the number of contract terminations. All terminations count, except resignations and a few State-aided contracts.

  • France Rejects Poland’s Bad Faith Efforts to Extradite Art Dealer Alexander Khochinsky

    My client Alexander Khochinsky is safely back in the United States after an eight-month ordeal spurred by Poland’s retaliation for his assertion of restitution for his mother’s property lost in Poland during the Holocaust. The rejection this month by the French courts of Poland’s request to extradite my client for prosecution in the courts of Poland—courts called out as lacking judicial independence by the European Court of Justice—was the second failed attempt by Poland to abuse the international extradition system, and came directly on the heels of being held in default in Khochinsky’s lawsuit here in the United States for damages arising out of Poland’s bad-faith extradition effort that ended in 2015. Khochinsky is represented in France by Jean-Jacques Neuer.

  • In France, Measuring Wage Inequality Between Women and Men Has Become Legally Required

    Though the pay equity between men and women is legally required and politically encouraged, wage inequality in France remains the norm in France: women's wages are on average 25.7% lower than those of men in all working hours combined.

  • Draft French Finance Bill For 2020

    The French Parliament began to debate the Draft on 13th October 2019. You will find below a summary of some of the more notable provisions of the Draft.

  • The French Anti-corruption Agency is Publishing Guidance on Corporate Gifts & Invitations Policies

    The French Anti-corruption Agency ("AFA") has published a draft "Guide on Gifts and Invitations Policies" ("Guide pratique sur les politiques cadeaux et invitations en entreprise") for corporations and non-profit organisations. It is currently considering comments on its 18 July 2019 draft collected from industry groups and NGOs. The guide is the third of a series of six the agency plans to publish this year.

  • Operation of 5G Networks in France is Subject to New Ad Hoc Prior Approval Regime

    On 1 August 2019, few months after enacting the PACTE Law that strengthened the foreign investments control mechanism, France passed a new law (n° 2019-810) aimed at preserving the interests of French defense and national security within the context of the launch of the 5G mobile radio networks operation. The French Government aims to have a full 5G network by 2030....

  • Newsletter sociale - Octobre 2019

    Nous vous proposons, dans cette newsletter, de revenir sur les nouvelles règles applicables au détachement de salariés en France, issues de la loi Avenir professionnel du 5 septembre 2018, applicables pour la majeure partie depuis le 1er juillet dernier. Nous ferons également le point sur les principaux changements apportés à la procédure de reconnaissance des accidents du travail et maladies professionnelles (AT-MP) à compter du 1er décembre 2019, sans oublier notre sélection de jurisprudence.
 Please see full Publication below for more information.

  • September 2019: French Defenses Against Foreign Legal Proceedings May Be Getting a Boost

    In the United States, all attorneys are entitled to the benefits of attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine whether they work for a private law firm, a corporation, or the government. But in France (and to an extent the rest of Europe, where legal privilege is generally less robust for in-house counsel than in the United States), in-house counsel has no such privilege. An in-house counsel’s correspondence with other company employees on legal matters, as well as that counsel’s memoranda and notes, are subject to discovery in foreign litigation. At the same time, U.S. courts have been largely hostile to claims by French companies (and indeed, all foreign litigants with similar claims) that producing relevant documents located in France will subject them to prosecution in France under the French “blocking statute”—a domestic law that imposes criminal penalties for producing documents in a foreign country.

  • Insurance Alert

    L’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) met en garde les assureurs vie et dommages face à la diminution des rendements des actifs (dans un entretien avec Bernard Delas, vice-président de l’ACPR dans l’Argus de l'assurance du 10 septembre dernier).

  • The Surprisingly Broad Scope Definition of Workplace Accidents in France

    The legal definition of “workplace accidents” under French law does not normally make global headlines. However, as many of you will have read, a recent decision of the Paris Court of Appeal (CA Paris, May 27, 2019, n°16/08787) did just that.

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