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  • How France’s Economic Stimulus Can Benefit Employers

    As we know, the current pandemic is having an adverse economic impact on employers. Even if businesses have not been required to close, many have been suffering a loss in revenue. As a result, many companies are analyzing their budgets for ways to cut costs and likely considering a reduction in payroll. But should French employers be quick to lay off employees? Maybe not, as France’s COVID-19...

  • Sacré Bleu! French Court of Appeals Rules that Uber Driver Had an“Employment Contract”

    Last week, the French Court of Appeals dealt another blow to global gig businesses, ruling that the agreement between Uber and a former driver was “an employment contract,” because the former driver was “dependent” on Uber “for work.” In so ruling, the court rejected the company’s long held position that it is “merely a service provider with drivers who are self-employed, able to work when and...

  • Large Employers in France Already Enjoying Benefits of Labor Reforms

    In late September, my colleague, Brian Ellixson, published a post concerning the start of a power swing, from France’s historically employee-friendly labor regime to a somewhat more employer-friendly system. Indeed, although French employment law still largely favors employees over employers, we are already seeing the beginnings of a potential sea change in the French labor market, both in the...

  • Sweeping Changes to French Labor Laws Signal Employer-Friendly Future

    Today, the French labor market experienced the start of a power swing, from its historically employee-friendly labor regime to a more employer-friendly set of laws, intended to provide employers with greater flexibility in the employee relations arena. Indeed, despite vigorous protests from labor interests, French President Emmanuel Macron today approved decrees to overhaul France’s labor laws,...

  • New Anti-Corruption Law Creates Changes to Whistleblower Provisions in France

    On December 10th, France’s National Assembly published a new law on transparency and anti-corruption. As a result France is expected to begin instituting newer and stronger protections for whistleblowers under the updated regime. This is expected to unify the country’s disparate whistleblower protection rules and procedures.

  • Employment Law in France: The Basics

    France, the largest country in Western Europe, with a population of approximately 64 million people, and which borders eight different countries plays an integral role in Europe and the worldwide market.

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