Krotoschiner and Wife v Agnus

Date03 janvier 1940
Docket NumberCase No. 139
CourtCivil Tribunal (France)
France, Tribunal Civil de la Seine (Judge in Chambers).
Case No. 139
Krotoschiner and Wife

Effect of War on Private Property — Enemy Character — Sequestration of Enemy Property — Alien Enemies Permitted to Reside as Refugees.

The Facts.—By virtue of an Order dated October 19, 1939, the French judicial authorities had sequestrated the assets of the Zenith Company, a limited company with a capital of 150,000 francs divided into 150 shares of 1,000 francs. Of these 150 shares, 50 belonged to a Swiss subject, and the remaining 100 to Fritz, George and Anne Lise Krotoschiner, all German nationals, the two last-named having been refugees in France since 1935. George and Anne Lise Krotoschiner applied for a withdrawal of the judicial sequestration of their goods.

Held: that the sequestration should be withdrawn as regards the shares belonging to George and Anne Lise Krotoschiner, but maintained for those belonging to...

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