Cie Française pour l'Industrie v Cie d'Assurance Le Phénix

Docket NumberCase No. 97
Date26 juin 1946
CourtCommercial Court (France)
Tribunal de Commerce
Case No. 97
Cie Française pour l'Industrie
Cie d'Assurance Le Phénix et l'Urbaine

War — Belligerent Forces — Status of Resistance Groups — Meaning of “Acts of War” in an Insurance Contract.

In Cie Française pour I'Industrie v. Cie d'Assurance Le Phénix et L'Urbaine (Dalloz Hebd., 1947, Jurisprudence, p. 523) the Tribunal de Commerce de la Seine held, on June 26, 1946, that acts of “sabotage” and “terrorism” accomplished by clandestine armed groups before June 9, 1944, the date on which the French Forces of the Interior were mobilised, were not “acts of war” in the sense in which that term was employed in an insurance contract.

In Compagnie d'Assurance La Paix v. Mathelin et Société des Transports d'Énergie du Centre (Sirey, 1946, II, p. 54) the Court of Appeal of Lyon, on November 12, 1945, implied that members of the Resistance Movement were not “regular...

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