Barat v Public Prosecutor

CourtCivil Tribunal (France)
Date10 février 1948
Docket NumberCase No. 102
France, Tribunal Civil de la Seine.
Case No. 102
Consul Barat
Ministère Public.

Consuls — Functions of — Adoption of National of Receiving State.

Diplomatic Envoys — Privileges and Immunities of — Official Residence of the Diplomatic Envoy — Consuls — Functions of — Adoption of National of Receiving State.

The Facts.—This was a claim by the Vice-Consul of the United States in France for the registration of the adoption, by him, of a French child on the premises of the United States Embassy in Paris in the forms required by Californian law. The question before the Court was whether an adoption of a French child according to the forms of a foreign law was valid, and whether, in particular, it was valid in the present circumstances where the act of adoption took place on the premises of a foreign Embassy and was executed by the Vice-Consul of a foreign State.

Held: that the claim must be rejected. The act of adoption must be in the form required by French law, seeing that the personal law of the child was French law, that...

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