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  • On Oregon Black Truffles, Scent Marketing and Neuropsychological Food Cravings

    Truffles mushrooms reside in a Holy Grail land of taste preference. They call to mind ancient French banquet meals and rural truffle hunters and their dogs. Scarce and expensive, the truffle industry satisfies market demand by bottling their musky scent in so-called truffle oils. The Pacific Northwest is an unsung truffle backwater—when compared to the...

  • Strawberry Patent Rights, Forever

    Ripe strawberries define lusciousness.  Fragile, with fleeting taste, these heart-shaped berries inspired Shakespeare’s pen: “The strawberry grows underneath the nettle; and wholesome berries thrive and ripen best; neighbour’d by fruit of baser quality.”[1]  Regarded as an aphrodisiac in provincial France, newlyweds were served strawberry soup. Bringing the perfect strawberry to market is the...

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