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  • Update on Class Actions in France (and Across the EU)

    Despite the naysayers of years ago, class actions procedures continue to evolve and expand in Europe.  A November 11, 2019 online article by two expert French lawyers provides a cogent summary of where things stand in France, including comments on litigation funding for class actions; they are Sylvie Gallage-Alwis and Thomas Rouhette of Signature Litigation LLC....

  • Another Long Swim for ALS Research

    ALS, a vicious disease, has hit hard the McConnell family from west suburban Chicago. But they hit back with intelligence and guts aimed at bringing in more money for ALS research. Five years ago, Doug McConnell swam the English Channell, supported by the familial team,  as a fundraiser and personal challenge. Karma appeared and on...

  • Looking for Causation by Seeking Patterns in Somatic Mutations in Tumors

    Researchers continue to seek out “fingerprint” patterns in tumor mutation patterns in order to look back towards causation and source of disease. A recent study in France looked at somatic mutation patterns in lung cancers in never smokers who may have been exposed to “passive” tobacco smoke.   See No impact of passive smoke on the...

  • Asbestos, France and Mental Distress

    France now recognizes some form of mental distress claim for persons exposed to asbestos, according to an April 14, 2014 blog post from Laurie Kazan Allen.

  • “Chasseurs d’ambulances” – Class Actions in Europe

    Despite its tongue-in-cheek headline, this Economist article provides a useful update on class actions in France in particular, and Europe in general. The article confirms the logical is happening – as US courts push back and resist becoming the world’s courts, other nations are stepping in and facilitating class actions. And, as it also mentions,...

  • Monsanto Held Liable in France for Harm from Lasso

    Tort claiming outside the US remains in the news. The BBC now reports that a French court has held Monsanto liable for “poisoning” arising from inhalation of Lasso, a now banned pesticide. The issues apparently center on chlorobenzene. 

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